Vibration Trending & Analysis

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Portable vibration analyzers and accelerometers are used in the field to test rotating equipment, piping and structures. Software is then used to detect and trend a variety of issues. Examples are: resonance, looseness, bearing faults, misalignment, unbalance, electrical faults, soft-foot, pump cavitation and wear. Please note that machinery is often equipped with overall vibration sensors designed to shut down equipment for safety purposes. They are not designed to replace a PDM program. As analysts we will identify what is causing the the overall amplitude and possible reasoning for it. 


Electric Motor Lubrication

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To aid in the most efficient program possible, at Alpha Vibration we offer electric motor lubrication servicing. Lubrication for electric drives is often overlooked next to its oil bearing counter part but is just as important for life of your driver. With over a decade of experience with most motor manufacturers, we have the knowledge on how to properly service your electric drives. As simple as it sounds, improper or lack of lubrication is one of the leading causes of premature motor failure. 


Precision Balancing


One of industry's underlying issues. Rotating equipment can become imbalanced for a variety of reasons. Removing the unbalanced component and sending it to a balancing shop is often unrealistic. Our portable analyzers allow us to bring the balancing to you and in most cases can be completed in two to four hours, saving down time and cost. A balanced machine can extend the life of the components by an exponential amount.